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Sport Fishing

Our fishing tours are an exciting way to explore the rich fishing grounds East Timor has to offer, with reports of catches of up to 20kg GT’s, Yellow fin, Spanish mackerel, sailfish and Marlin caught by the local fishermen from their local wooden outriggers!
Given the relatively short period of independence and exposure to the outside world, our waters are largely uncharted (where Sports fishing is concerned).
High mountain ranges drop deep into the ocean creating a deep channel about 3,000 meters between the main island and Atauro island north of Dili, a passage for pelagic or other types of fish abound.
More often than not, you will also have the wonderful experience of sailing along with hundreds of friendly dolphins and catch a sight of graceful whales in their passage through this channel late October and early November.
Our boat BeAzul is fully equipped with safety standards; our crew are locals, and the Skipper is certified, experienced and passionate about sports fishing, and with an in-depth knowledge of the country waters. 
So, if you are coming our way and really want to have a go at tackling the big one, do contact us.


  • Trolling
  • Bottom Fishing
  • Land base fishing
  • Traditional outrigger fishing experience
  • Snorkel


Minimum:     4 hours
Maximum:    4 pax

Inclusions:          Tackle and drinking bottled water

Don’t forget to bring:
Suntan lotion, a hat, mosquito repellent, your favourite snacks & non alcoholic drinks.

Note: For safety reasons, limited amounts of alcohol will be allowed on board of the craft. Trips are subject to weather conditions



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